Luciano Losiggio

A friend may be waiting behind a stranger’s face.
Maya Angelou

A message from Luciano:

Welcome to superfood eateries, Canada’s first cold-pressed juicery and the world’s first gourmet, handcrafted, chef-inspired takeout to serve organic, plant-strong, living foods, superfoods, and beverages for grab and go, delivery and catering 7 days a week.

I’ve always been passionate about fitness, health and wellness, stemming from my days as a competitive athlete. In early 2008, I immersed myself in much research and study in order to retrieve information that could help further my knowledge in this area of my life. Albert Einstein said, “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” No matter how much information I gained through the countless books, magazines, websites, articles, newsletters, and other written materials I read, or the many movies, films, documentaries, and videos I watched, I would not know how life changing this information would be until I adopted, and experienced, a vegan diet.

My reason for this change in diet, at that time, was to increase my level of physical fitness. Consequently, and with great benefits, this change also led me to becoming a practicing student of yoga, a Certified Raw Nutritionist, a passionate environmentalist, and a committed animal rights activist. These lifestyle choices have helped elevate my awareness, or in the world of yogic meditation, my ‘consciousness’, of the connections between our food choices and the health of humanity, as well as, the health of our planet. The knowledge gained through these experiences also led me to becoming an ecoconsumer; positively impacting the health and healing of our planet by using environmentally-friendlier products like green cleaning supplies and organic cotton and bamboo clothing, therefore, significantly reducing my personal carbon footprint.

Today, I remain committed to seeking knowledge about fitness, health, wellness, the environment, and animal welfare. Whenever and wherever possible I implement pieces of new information into my life in order to experience the difference they may make. My diet now consists of organic, plant-strong, living foods, and beverages, and includes nutrient dense superfoods from many healing traditions, cultures and medical systems around the world. Now more than ever, we must nourish ourselves with foods packed with nutrition required to support the challenges that come with living in a fast-paced modern world. As a result of eating this way, not only have I improved my physical fitness, I have also experienced a significant increase in my mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being. Now very important and integral parts of my lifestyle, these choices have afforded me unprecedented levels of success in all areas of my life.

I’ve always loved the pleasures of eating, the art of food creation, and exceptional culinary experiences, rooted in my Italian heritage. I’ve also always loved dining out, whether at fast food shops or at fine dining establishments. I respect, appreciate and enjoy the labours of love, care and imagination with which so many chefs and their staffs serve us. Since adopting a diet of organic, plant-strong, living whole foods my options to dine out have become very limited, especially when I desire a quick meal. Out of necessity to overcome this personal challenge, and to share the many benefits of my diet and lifestyle with the world, I created a new, exciting global brand in the foodservices industry.

After a successful corporate career of 14 years in professional sports and entertainment, I decided to combine my passion for fitness, health, wellness, the environment, and animal rights with my love of food to create superfood eateries. A return to the nourishing wisdom of our ancestors, and through traditional food choices and preparation techniques using modern technologies, superfood eateries offers vibrant health and longevity, which are our birth rite. I’m grateful and honoured to serve you the most premium quality, the most nutrient rich, the most enzyme rich, the most flavourful, the most satiating, the most alkalizing, the most health promoting, the most sustainable, and the most pure foods, superfoods and beverages on the planet.

I cordially invite you to enjoy superfood eateries’ gourmet, handcrafted, chef-inspired, organic, plant-strong, living foods, superfoods, and beverages. They will inspire you with their flavours, textures and satisfying heartiness. They are prepared with love, by happy humans, in an atmosphere of joy, with reverence for all life, and they will seduce your senses. At superfood eateries you don’t have to give up the foods you love, you just get healthier versions of them.  At superfood eateries health is wealth. At superfood eateries we are enriching life on planet Earth. I graciously invite you to become part of a growing and vibrant community of superfoodies; positive, peaceful, joyful, caring, compassionate, loving human beings, who are passionate about whole food nutrition and the vital role it plays in promoting optimal health and longevity, and who are committed to making a positive difference in the health of humanity and in the health of our planet. Not only would I be honoured to make your acquaintance, I would be blessed to be your friend.

Yours in super health and super wellness,

superfood eateries Founder and CEO, Certified Raw Nutritionist, Superfoodie, Organic Plant-Strong Living Whole Food Aficionado, “Real Food” Evangelist, Ecoconsumer, Environmentalist, Animal Rights Activist, Holistic Health and Fitness Enthusiast, Healthy Lifestyle Supporter, Yogi, Cosmic Consciousness Experiencer, High Vibration Expert, Human Potential Advocate, People Edifier, Humanitarian, Lifelong Learner, Student of Success, Change Agent, Difference Maker, Value Creator, Truth Seeker