Why Choose Superfood?

What fools indeed we mortals are                                                                                                   to lavish care upon a car,                                                                                                             with ne’er a bit of time to see                                                                                                    about our own machinery!                                                                                                                - John Kendrick Bangs

superfood eateries educates you about why its foods and beverages are the most nutritious available among all quick service restaurants and fast food outlets by comparing the nutritional value of the 3 dietary pillars upon which it is founded.

superfood eateries was born of the conviction that we do not have to compromise between truly nutritious food and beverages and fast food convenience.                                              - Luciano J. Losiggio, Founder and CEO of superfood eateries

superfood eateries was created to provide you with quick, flavourful, natural sources of sustaining energy through health-building nourishment, not quick-crashing stimulation. A synergistic collection of uncompromising purity, superior taste, and highly dense nutrition, superfood eateries is of ultra-premium quality, and provides you with gourmet, handcrafted, chef-inspired, organic, plant-strong, living foods and beverages free of gluten, GMO ingredients, dairy, refined sugar or animal products.

superfood eateries is not only committed to your dietary health, it is also committed to the health of your planet. That’s why we use packaging that is recyclable, source our ingredients as closely to home as we can, and purchase from local organic farmers at every opportunity.

You will feel stronger, younger, lighter, and healthier when you choose superfood eateries to support your body and your planet.

The 3 Pillars