The superfood eateries vision is to create a thriving, sustainable humanity and planet, abundant in health and harmony, and free of preventable disease.

“Every day you are invited to make choices.  Live your values. Change the world.”                      -

The Best Food, Fast!

At superfood eateries, we are dedicated to transforming your diet by conveniently offering the most flavourful and satiating foods that directly support your health and happiness.

We know that there are direct connections between our food choices and their impact on our health and on the health of our planet. That is why we are highly selective about the ingredients we use, and are dedicated to stringent quality standards.  We use ethically sourced, local, premium quality, nutrient and enzyme rich, flavourful, sustainable, environmentally responsible ingredients and products.

superfood eateries creates gourmet, handcrafted, chef-inspired, organic, plant-strong, living foods and beverages for grab & go, delivery, catering, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Delicious signature cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, mains, desserts, and snacks are housemade daily using premium quality, nutrient rich, gluten free, non-GMO, whole foods and superfoods, leaving you feeling stronger, younger, lighter, and healthier.




Why Choose Superfood?
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