s i g n a t u r e  m e n u


Smoothies & Shakes

Hardcore | advanced health green smoothie
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

fresh almond milk, coconut water, baby spinach, swiss chard, kale, maca, cacao nib, camu camu berry, ashwagandha, goji berry, hemp seed, coconut meat

All-Star | crowd-pleasing creamy high performance green smoothie
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

fresh almond milk, coconut water, baby spinach, mango, banana, medjool date, hemp seed, spirulina powder

Flu Shot | antioxidant energy-boosting berry smoothie
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

fresh almond milk, strawberry, blueberry, goji berry, camu camu berry, coconut meat, medjool date

Baby Spice | comforting creamy chai smoothie
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

fresh almond milk, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, ashwagandha, vanilla, medjool date

Flying High | euphoric mineral-rich chocolate mint shake
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

fresh almond milk, banana, raw cacao, mint extract, medjool date


Juices & Drinks

All of our juices are cold-pressed using a Norwalk Juicer, the gold standard in elite juicing. This means no heating, little to no oxidation and maximum nutrients in every serving. Not to mention, how amazing they taste!

Pipe Cleaner | purifying cleanse juice
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

beet, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger

Our purifying cleanse juice will definitely clean your pipes and recharge your batteries. Delicious and nutritious. You can’t go wrong!

Reboot | gentle detox juice
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, carrot, apple

This is the easy pleasing juice you want when you’re new to cleansing  your body for the better. It tastes great!

Coming Attraction | increased vitality juice
500 ml $12  250 ml $8

parsley, cilantro, sunflower sprout, cucumber, lemon, ginger

This juice is your daily shot of vitality.  Hydrating, alkalizing, mineralizing, and GREEN! This one will clean you up and set you straight!!

DiplomatiC | powerful immunity juice
500 ml $10  250 ml $7

orange, grapefruit, spirulina

Forget your boring morning boxed OJ, cooked, full of perfume, and packaged ages ago. You need the powerful immunity of our very freshly pressed orange, grapefruit, and spirulina juice to kick start your morning and arm you with the immunity previously only known of foreign diplomats.

Wild Water | hydrating coconut water
500 ml $10  250 ml $7

pure, unpasteurized, organic, young thai coconut water.

Delicious, refreshing and hydrating, it’s the real deal!

Less is More | bone-strengthening almond milk
500 ml $9  250 ml $7

european almond, purified water, medjool date, vanilla

Full of calcium, who says you need dairy to have strong bones?

Mains & Salads

Up in Smoke | immune-guarding tacos

2 tacos with superfood salad  $16

Featuring carrot, flax seed and sundried tomato soft taco shells with creamy Big Papi| scrumptious avocado guacamole, fresh and tangy Bigger is Better | nourishing pico de gallo, and our famous Surreal | dairy-free ‘sour cream’. Strengthening your immune system is just the beginning of the benefits you’ll be giving your body with this meal.

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” | stress-protecting manicotti
5 manicotti with superfood salad  $14

Good for your heart, hearty, and delicious, our stress-protecting zucchini manicotti filled with nut-based ‘ricotta cheese’ and drizzled in marinara is a plate pleaser you’ll never believe is healthy, living, or plant-strong.  Truly worthy of a traditional Italian family table.

Woody | strength-building sammy
2 sandwiches with superfood salad    $14

A delicious and mild onion bread with cashew ‘hummus’, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, avocado, bell pepper and sunflower sprout.  A delicious gluten-free take on a lunchtime favourite.

Lucky Luciano | longevity-enhancing mediterranean pizza
2 slices  $13

Sprouted buckwheat crust, kale-spinach pesto, marinated bell pepper, zucchini and onion, cherry tomato, sundried tomato, greek kalamon olive, cultured almond herbed  ‘goat cheese’. Unbelievably scrumptious!

Limitless | regenerating pad thai
taster  $8
entrée  $14

Pad thai has never tasted so good or been so good for you. Gluten-free, dairy-free, filling, noodley, fresh, tangy, and just a little bit nutty, our pad thai is sure to pleasantly surprise you while regenerating your body. This is the taste of becoming limitless!

Sky Rocket |  energizing kale salad
taster  $8
entrée  $14

Not your typical tough, hard-to-chew kale salad, ours is a tender scrumptious delight. Tossed in a creamy nut-based “sour cream” and onion dressing, and topped with superfoods like goji berry, hemp seed, and coconut flakes this kale salad is beyond tasty and filling, and is in a league of its own.  This top selling menu item is sure to launch your body, mind and spirit into the food stratosphere!

MVP | abundant health superfood salad
taster  $8
entrée  $14

Mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomato, radish, carrot, beet, broccoli, pumpkin seed, and Classified, the Superfood secret dressing, equal all around health, vitality, strength and stamina.  Packed with protein, clean energy, healthy fats, and a load of vitamins and minerals, this no-brainer is your ticket to awesome.  Enjoy our taster size as a side to any superfood entrée, or enjoy our entrée size for a satisfying main.


Breakfast & Desserts

Hot Date | pure passion coconut parfait                                                                                               12 oz cup  $9

Parfait? Who doesn’t love parfait? The best thing about our parfait is the taste, and the second best thing is that it is a part of a healthy diet.  It will support your plans for staying slim, trim, and strong, so you’ll be all about the hot dates and the pure passion.  Fresh fruit, coconut cream, and layers of our delicious Mile High superfood granola make this pure YUM.

Divine Compensation | guilt-free cheesecake
piece  $9

Cheesecake, the nemesis of many a well-intentioned deprivation diet, has now become a part of your healthy lifestyle. There is no need to miss out on the treats that make life pleasurable!

Warm Hug | heartening ‘pumpkin’ pie
slice  $9

How on earth can you have a pie that tastes just as good as Mom’s baked pumpkin, and is a super fuel, diet-friendly, nutritional powerhouse?  Who knows, but our Warm Hug| heartening ‘pumpkin’ pie proves you can. Carrot, cashew, medjool date and all of your favourite pumpkin pie spices create yet another amazing taste temptation that’s truly as uplifting as a warm hug.

Cosmic Mind | dream-inducing raspberry chocolate mousse cake
piece  $9

Want an out of this world experience? Look no further than our Cosmic Mind | dream-inducing raspberry chocolate mousse cake. Blast off with this decadent, nutrient-rich mousse cake and you’ll land right into dreamworld.

I Win! | sustaining apple crunch
lg $9  sm $7

Amazing for breakfast, a filling snack, or a delectable dessert, our apple, cinnamon, cashew cream I Win!| sustaining apple crunch will taste as nummy and decadent as Mom’s desserts, and will give you the energy and nutrients to make it through the day with bounce to spare.  So whether you’re looking to replace your morning egg or your afternoon coffee, you’re happily covered. 

Narcotics | remineralizing chocolate brownie                                                                                      $5 ea.

Have your cake and a hard body too!  There’s no need to deprive your soul on a superfood lifestyle.  Got chocolate cake or crazy dessert cravings?  You’re covered with our rich, euphoric, energizing, creamy, cakey, Narcotics | remineralizing chocolate brownie. So decadent, it seems like it should be illegal, and your body will thank you!

Illuminator | energy-boosting bar                                                                                                          $5 ea.

Having a dull day? Brighten it up with our Illuminator | energy-boosting bar.  Not your typical highly processed, insulin-spiking mound of refined sugar that all the other guys market as a protein bar.  This is truly a healthy and great tasting food bar, and will help you power through your next workout or through the tough part of your day.

Instant Gratification | mood-elevating hemp balls
$3 ea.

A little chewy, a little nutty, a lot delicious. Instant Gratification can be yours with our delicious mood-elevating hemp balls. A perfect afternoon energy boost of medjool date, cashew, almond and hemp seed.


By the Bag

More likely than not, you’ve heard about what nutritional powerhouses kale, sweet potato and granola are, and you’ve most likely even been enjoying them in salads, smoothies, cereals or in their most popular crowd-pleasing form, as dehydrated snacks.  Of course, superfood eateries not only makes amazing versions of all your unhealthy favourites, we make out of this world versions of healthy snacks too.

Mile High | superfood granola

You are definitely not going to miss your morning cereal when you tuck into Mile Highsuperfood granola.  Add our Less is More | bone strengthening almond milk and you have more than a complete breakfast.  Crunchy sprouted buckwheat, almond, and sunflower seed and chewy dried fruit, with a  little dash of sweet medjool date, coconut nectar, warm cinnamon and vanilla, and you’ll love the light feeling of full and satisfied that gets you raring to go.  This is the new mile high club!

Clean Sweep | high fiber flatbread

Give your insides a treat to a Mediterranean vacay with our Clean Sweep | high fiber flatbread, and leave your body feeling mighty fine! Great for dips, pâtés or toss them into your salad as croutons for some crunch.  Om nom!!

All That and a Bag of Chips | superfood sweet potato chips

A little sweet and a lot spicy, these crispy, chipotle sweet potato chips are an awesome snack to keep you happy and satisfied.  A great movie-night alternative, a sandwich side, or just a snack to grab on the run.

Damn Good | superfood kale chips

Perhaps the best example of a healthy snack is our superfood eateries taste tester team-approved ‘sour cream’ and onion Damn Good | superfood kale chips.  We call them Damn Good because those were the first words our taste tester exclaimed after trying them!


About our food:

  • housemade daily using premium quality, nutrient-rich, enzyme-rich, flavourful, satiating, highly alkalizing, health-promoting, sustainable, pure, whole foods and superfoods
  • gluten free, lactose free, cholesterol free, trans fat free, hydrogenated fat free, hormone free, preservative free, additive free, filler free
  • non-GMO, non-irradiated, unpasteurized, uncooked, no artificial ingredients
  • natural, unprocessed, unrefined sweeteners are used
  • all that can be sourced locally is sourced locally
  • high post-consumer recycled packaging

At superfood eateries, we are passionate about creating food that provides ultimate nutrition and gourmet taste.  We offer a signature menu daily to satisfy your taste buds, keep your diet at optimal levels and support your optimum health and vitality.