Visa Features Superfood!

Thank you so much to Visa Business Canada and Stephanie Neyland of BizLaunch for featuring superfood eateries as a small business success story, Grab-and-Go Gourmet: How Two Living Food Crusaders Turned Their Dietary Preferences into a Palatable Business. They did such a great job on this article and we so appreciate the feature!

Here’s a sneak peek:

In today’s health-savvy society, it’s all about clean eating; and living food crusaders, Amy De Wolfe and Luciano Losiggio, set out to bring their organic, plant-strong food and beverages to the city of Toronto with the arrival of their new grab-and-go eatery, superfood.

With a menu featuring the likes of tacos, pizza, manicotti, nachos and chocolate cake, healthy eating just got tastier—and that’s exactly the idea. Amy, a fervent advocate and practitioner of clean eating, makes sure superfood creates fast food that doesn’t compromise health for taste.

So where did their business idea come from? And how did they turn their vision into a reality? Today, we sit down with co-founder Amy to find out. (read more)

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